Foodie Fridays – Sweet Potato, Beet & Arugula Detox Salad

This is a delicious and satisfying salad that not only fills you up as a main, but offers many nutritional and detoxifying benefits.  Beets are incredible blood cleansers and contain naturally occurring nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide helps to relax and dilate your blood vessels, which not only improves your [...]

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Detoxify or Die

 Detox is not as scary as you think! Trust me. But it is definitely something we need to be more conscious of and understand.  In fact, I'm reading a book right now by Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, titled Detoxify or Die. It was actually published in 2002 and I'm just getting around to reading it [...]

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St. Paddy’s Day Fresh Detox Pesto

Growing up I loved my mothers homemade tomato sauce. In fact, I still do. It was so fresh and light and made the house smell amazing.  Over the years, as I started to learn more about food and nutrition and with my mother having developed an autoimmune condition and suffering with inflammation, I learned that [...]

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Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Tea

This immune elixir is full of incredible benefits.  Let's break it down: Turmeric, which contains the active ingredient Curcumin is an anti inflammatory powerhouse that helps to ease muscle and joint pain, protect the heart and reduce inflammation as a whole. So if your dealing with any type of "itis," such as colitis, arthritis, cystitis, [...]

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Broccoli Avocado Detox Soup

Broccoli is one vegetable that I don't enjoy eating. It's true.  Serve it in a soup however, and I'll eat it.  With all the fiber and incredible health benefits, like supporting the liver and detoxing excess estrogen out of your system, how could you not want to eat it! This veggie is truly beneficial for [...]

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5 Reasons to Drink Beet Root the Aussies!

I was first introduced to the incredible health benefits of beets while living in Australia. They enjoy putting beets on everything! It is a common food that is added to so many of their dishes! Over here in North America we don’t tend to explore with beets as much as the aussies! The Australians know [...]

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Summer Strawberry Salad

I'm sure I'm not the only one enjoying sweet summer strawberries. I love this time of year because there is just much fresh produce to enjoy. And so much of it is local too! I can't resist adding berries to my salads this time of year. It adds a delicious sweet flavour, plus it takes [...]

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