Gut Healing Green Smoothie

It seems that everyone I speak to these days has something going on with their gut.    From gas, to […]

Raw Chocolate Coconut Brownies

Mmm… brownies! Who doesn’t love a chocolatey brownie treat?  I’m all for a sweet treat, but as you know, I’m […]

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Don’t you ever have those times when you just want to dive into a huge bowl of carbs? You know, […]

Almond Vanilla Protein Clusters

So you know I’m all about getting in the kitchen, getting my hands dirty and recipe testing all kinds of […]

Garlic Chili Shrimp with Pesto Zoodles

I love a quick and healthy meal. And by quick, I mean a meal you can whip up in 10 […]

Coco-NO-Oat-Nut Granola

When it comes to breakfast, Granola isn’t something that’s at the top of my list. I’m more of an eggs […]

Sweet Potato Protein Brownies

We regularly eat sweet potatoes in our house.  From mashed, to roasted to steamed (with lots of grass fed butter) […]

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie

Ok seriously, this pie. It’s ahhhmazing! I’m sure I’ve given you my rant before on peanut butter (it’s not something […]

The REAL Reason You Reach for Junk Food

  Ever notice that when Friday comes your week of eating well and staying hydrated goes right out the window?    […]

Ginger Lime Coconut Body Scrub

This combo of ingredients is amazing! If you’re a fan of body scrubs (or at least picking them up in […]