Soaking up some D!!

I’m sure we’re all enjoying the sunshine (minus the few rainy days). I can’t wait for it to get super […]

Morning Pick Me Up!

I am sooo very behind on my blogs and can’t believe how busy I’ve been since getting back from Beautiful […]

Beautiful B.C.

In a few short days I’ll be heading off to Vancouver to attend the 39th Annual International Conference for Orthomolecular […]

Nature provides all we need

I attended an amazing seminar this weekend on Pediatric care which was taught by Dr. Robert Abell, a Naturopathic Doctor […]

The Damaging Effects of Sugar

Glazed doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie, creamy puddings, cakes, candies…oh the joy of sweetness! We all love to indulge […]

A Few Of My Favourite Things!

I consistently have people asking me what some of my favorite books are, or favorite websites that I check out. […]

Get Informed!

As I was grocery shopping today, I couldn’t help but journey into the ‘unhealthy’ aisles and take a look at […]

Go Nuts!!

Looking for the perfect snack? Well then….nuts and seeds it is! I always like to leave the house with a […]

Suzanne Somers is still HOT!

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the quirky Suzanne Somers who played Chrissy on Three’s Company. I used to watch […]

AHHH! My First Blog!

Hello fellow bloggers and Internet junkies! It recently occured to me that I need to join the blogging world and […]