Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

September long weekend…..no sun, rain, and 3 days of sweaters! My tan is fading fast! As we head into the cooler months and cover up with over sized sweaters, our sunny summer glow slowly starts to fade away. So how can we keep our skin looking flawless and keep our glow all winter long?? We […]

Damn Mosquitos!

I don’t know about you, but these past few weeks I’ve been getting eaten alive!! Mosquito’s seem to love me, which is strange because they tend to love those who love sugar (sweet blood) and I am not a sugar lover…well sometimes ;0 Over the past few years I’ve become really sensitive to mosquito’s and […]

Soaking up some D!!

I’m sure we’re all enjoying the sunshine (minus the few rainy days). I can’t wait for it to get super hot- so I can soak up some rays and get my tan on! There is just something about sitting in the sun that truly revitalizes you…and that’s thanks to all the vitamin D! But I […]

Morning Pick Me Up!

I am sooo very behind on my blogs and can’t believe how busy I’ve been since getting back from Beautiful BC. I promise to share some amazing info with you regarding the conference I went to, but I’ve got to get my notes in order before I get ahead of myself!! AND…I promise I will […]

Beautiful B.C.

In a few short days I’ll be heading off to Vancouver to attend the 39th Annual International Conference for Orthomolecular Medicine. Whew!! That was a mouth full! I’ve never been to Vancouver before and I’m really looking forward to spending time in a city that is full of greenery and has one of the smallest […]

Nature provides all we need

I attended an amazing seminar this weekend on Pediatric care which was taught by Dr. Robert Abell, a Naturopathic Doctor who lives out in Austin, Texas. He shared some amazing protocols for treating childhood ailments, but he also shared a great story about a 6 year old boy he treated back in 2001. It was […]

The Damaging Effects of Sugar

Glazed doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie, creamy puddings, cakes, candies…oh the joy of sweetness! We all love to indulge in a sweet treat, but a treat no longer it is! We eat sugar waaaaay to often. In the old days, sweets were truly a treat and were few and far between. Generally, these treats […]

A Few Of My Favourite Things!

I consistently have people asking me what some of my favorite books are, or favorite websites that I check out. So here is a list of my favorite things! Books, magazines, websites, all things that have provided me with some really great health info. The best part is getting to share this with all of […]

Get Informed!

As I was grocery shopping today, I couldn’t help but journey into the ‘unhealthy’ aisles and take a look at what Michael Pollan likes to call “edible foodlike substances!” You know…all that man made, factory processed, preservative, additive, nutrient-less food! But I must admit, the marketing on these products sure is eye catching! But…I know […]

Go Nuts!!

Looking for the perfect snack? Well then….nuts and seeds it is! I always like to leave the house with a home made trail mix- something to snack on in between my meals, or something to fuel me an hour before my workout. Including more plant based proteins, like nuts and seeds, will not only supply […]