My Belated Meatless Monday Recipe- Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

OK quinoa lovers, I’ve got another easy and delicious quinoa recipe for you!! I brought this dish to a BBQ the other day and it was quite the hit! It’s super easy to make and is definitely a crowd pleaser; and let’s not forget, it’s healthy too! Ingredients 1 cup vegetable broth 2 1/2 cups […]

3 Delicious Recipes for Meatless Monday!

Ready for another Meatless Monday?? I sure am, especially with the recipes I’ve posted below! Being the foodie that I am, I have quite the abundant amount of cookbooks and foodie magazines! I love spending a Sunday afternoon flipping through books and finding recipe inspirations for the week. Two of the three recipes below are […]

Black Bean & Corn Tacos

Meatless Mondays, here we are again! The start of the week can be rather busy for most people and after a long day of work, I’m sure most of us are lacking the motivation, even inspiration to whip up a healthy meatless meal!? These black bean tacos are super fast and easy to make, and […]

Sweet Beets & Greens PLUS a Delicious Dessert!

Meatless Mondays week 7! Let’s cook up some beets! I find that this amazing veggie gets left behind because it takes long to cook, but it must not be forgotten!! Beets are loaded with potassium and folate, great for your liver and are super blood purifiers! This simple recipe is delicious and makes the perfect […]

Meatless Mondays Week 6!!

6 weeks into Meatless Mondays……..are you still hanging in there?? Meatless Monday’s have actually become second nature to me and writing my Monday blogs helps me to prepare for my meatless feast. I tend to overcook on Monday and so I end up eating vegetarian all day Tuesday as well! I’m not complaining! Especially around […]

Meatless Mondays Week 5!

Delicious eggplant! I don’t think I could ever live without this hearty vegetable. I love grilling it and drenching it in olive oil and balsamic. I could eat that for days! Containing approximately 230mg of potassium for a 1 1/2 cup serving, and ranking low on the carbohydrates, this vegetable should be a dietary staple! […]

Meatless Mondays Week 4!

I love getting creative in the kitchen, and when it comes to stuffed peppers, almost anything goes! Quinoa, rice, veggies- you name it- it probably all tastes great stuffed and baked inside delicious peppers! Today’s Meatless Monday recipe is Chilean inspired! Green peppers stuffed with a spicy tomato corn filling that I’m sure will please […]

What Nutritionist’s Eat!

Recently, a girlfriend of mine told me about an article that was written in Marie Claire, titled- What Nutritionists Really Eat. Not sure if you came across the article or not, but I recently read it and was quite disappointed by how little, and nutritious for that matter, some of their diets actually were! These […]

Meatless Monday Week 3

Happy long weekend! I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine as much as I have! Typically, this warm weather makes me crave cooling foods- more fruits and veggies, and smoothies! BUT….every now and again I truly enjoy a warming bowl of oatmeal, no matter what the weather is! So for week 3 of meatless mondays, […]

Meatless Mondays, Week 2!

It’s week 2 of Meatless Mondays! Below, I’ve included my ultimate favorite recipe from the Planet Organic Market- Sweet Potato Salad! This amazingly delicious salad is the perfect dish to bring along to a spring or summer picnic (in the hopes that this rain will ever stop!) Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber and full […]