Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

September long weekend…..no sun, rain, and 3 days of sweaters! My tan is fading fast! As we head into the cooler months and cover up with over sized sweaters, our sunny summer glow slowly starts to fade away.

So how can we keep our skin looking flawless and keep our glow all winter long?? We need to dry skin brush!! So….what do you need you ask??

First, a brush made with naturals bristles (preferable) not synthetic so it won’t scratch the surface of your skin. A long handle would be great as well to reach inaccessible areas of your back. A loofah may also be used, as long as it’s not wet, but you definitely get more benefits from a dry brush.

Our skin is our largest organ and responsible for 1/4 of your body’s daily detoxification! That’s huge! Dry skin brushing can help assist your body with proper toxin elimination. It assists with detoxification by helping to cleanse your lymphatic system of toxins that accumulate in your lymph glands, it aids in increasing circulation, opens pores and truly invigorates your skin.

Everyday we are exposed to toxins, whether is be from food and/or the environment. If we cannot properly eliminate these toxins, our skin will be ONE of the many organs that suffer. Cell renewal will take longer, wrinkles become more apparent, acne, eczema or psoriasis can worsen, and our everyday glow will start to fade.

Dry skin brushing will help to:
– rid your body of metabolic wastes
– encourage cell regeneration
– increase blood flow
– lessen the appearance of cellulite
– improve muscle tone
– eliminate dead skin cells
– improve lymphatic congestion (which in turn will support estrogen dominance and symptoms such as swollen breasts and breast tenderness around your cycle)

How to Dry Brush:

Always dry brush before getting into the shower…hence the word DRY! Brushing on wet skin will not have the same effects on cell regeneration.

1. Begin with long sweeping strokes, starting from the soles of your feet. Work upwards towards your legs and thighs.
2. From your hands, work up towards your elbows and towards your shoulders. Brush across your stomach and buttocks.
3. Try to brush upwards from your lower back to your neck
4. Strokes should always be towards the heart
5. Brush several times in each area

Extra Tips:

Try to dry brush first thing in the morning. Afterwords, try alternating between hot and cold water in the shower to further stimulate circulation and bring blood to the surface of your skin. Always begin with hot and end with cold. Hot and cold showers is just another therapeutic way to invigorate your skin, ease muscles soreness and enhance overall health!

Happy Brushing!

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