Beautiful B.C.

In a few short days I’ll be heading off to Vancouver to attend the 39th Annual International Conference for Orthomolecular Medicine. Whew!! That was a mouth full! I’ve never been to Vancouver before and I’m really looking forward to spending time in a city that is full of greenery and has one of the smallest carbon footprints of any major city in North America. I can’t wait to check out the cafes, the restaurants, and STANLEY PARK, which has just over 150,000 trees! Oh ya….and the seminar! So….what exactly is Orthomolecular medicine? Orthomolecular was a term used by Linus Pauling, (who by the way won TWO nobel prizes) that is based on the use of optimum doses of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and trace elements. All these nutrients are substances natural to the body and when used in correct doses, can resolve imbalances or deficiences. Linus Pauling, back in the 60’s, suggested that mega doses of vitamin C may be helpful in dealing with cancer. Of course, he was scrutinized by the medical community, but having two nobel prizes under his belt, his studies couldn’t be ignored! In 1979 he wrote a book with Dr. Ewan Cameron (a surgeon) titled- Cancer and Vitamin C. If you could get your hands on this book, it describes the impressive results from their trials with vitamin C. I would pay a visit to http://www.orthomed.org/index.html to learn more about Orthomolecular medicine and about the leading researchers and pioneers who study the relationship betweeen health and disease with nutrition. I still can’t understand how Medical doctors today (some…not all), don’t understand the importance of eating a healthy diet. Most doctors think cutting back on sugar by replacing it with splenda, or lowering the intake of fat by consuming margarine is a ‘health conscious, preventative nutritious choice!!’ These are FAKE FOODS PEOPLE!! Aside from fake, they are highly toxic. Eating closest to nature is what will keep you healthy, and yes…that means eating BUTTER NOT MARGARINE! If we could combine Allopathic Medicine with Orthomolecular Medicine, we would see people suffering from disease actually get better!!

During this Orthomolecular conference, I’ll be learning about- The Origins of Modern Disease, Nutrition and Pregnancy, A Diet for Longevity, The Importance of Iodine (an underutilized nutrient), Cancer Care, Toxic Chemicals and Mental Health, and much much more!! I can’t wait! I’ll have so much to share with you all when I get back. So enjoy your week, and I’ll be back with lots of great info and probably some amazing Vancouver pics!

Bye for now!

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