About Samantha Gladish

Samantha Gladish is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach, Hormone Fixer-Upper, Metabolic Balance Coach and author of the Amazon bestseller, The 30-Day Hormone Solution. She is also host of one of Canada’s top-rated podcasts, Healthy Hormones for Women. She is the founder of HolisticWellness.ca; a website dedicated to helping women lose weight and balance their hormones with delicious food. Her philosophy is that through changing the way we eat, think, move and care for our bodies, we can heal ourselves and live a life of more power and possibility. Her passion for business is an extension of her work as a Health Coach, which led her to develop her own online business mentorship program for practitioners and nutritionists. Samantha speaks internationally on all things health, wellness and entrepreneurship and in her spare time, you can find her baking up delicious healthy treats in her kitchen.

Podcast Episode 98: The Women’s Brain – The Impact of Our Hormones, Social Connections and Simple Daily Strategies to Optimize Brain Health

How is a woman’s brain different from a man’s brain? How can women optimize and support their brain health?  specializes in translating brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for peak performance, creativity, health, and wellbeing. In this episode, she shares her insights into the neuroscience of women’s health, hormones, and happiness. You can find [...]

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Podcast Episode 97: Coaches Q&A: Healing adult acne, Solutions for gas and bloating, How to manage sugar and carb cravings and more!

Welcome to the Q&A chat together with Coach Valerie, where we answer your questions regarding thyroid health, PMS, cravings, and many more! We hope that you can take a lot of the strategies that we share. Enjoy the episode! You can find all the info and links about this episode at https://holisticwellness.ca/episode97 Click here to [...]

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Podcast Episode 96: From Boobs to Pubes – How to Use Castor Oil for Detoxification and Hormone Health

Did you know that castor oil is good for detoxification and hormone health? If you’re looking to support your hormones, castor oil is it! Listen in as I talk about the many ways you can use castor oil from head to toe. You can find all the info and links about this episode at https://holisticwellness.ca/episode96 [...]

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Podcast Episode: 95: Supporting Hormonal Teenagers + Creating a Safe and Healthy Home + Simple Wellness Strategies for Women 40+

How do you deal with hormonal teenagers? Naturopathic doctor and mother, Dr. Rachel Schwartzman shares her insights about how to support teenagers and their overall health.   You can find all the info and links about this episode at https://holisticwellness.ca/episode95 Click here to listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify: iTunes – Click Here Stitcher – [...]

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Podcast Episode 94: Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies for Healing Endometriosis with Khush Sra

What is endometriosis? I know for a fact that so many women in this community are struggling with it. If you’re one of them or know anyone who is, listen in and learn the strategies that you can employ for healing.   You can find all the info and links about this episode at https://holisticwellness.ca/episode94 [...]

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Podcast Episode 93: Sex, Libido, Desire and Arousal – Navigating Sexual Health

What is libido? What does it mean to be aroused? It’s such an important topic to talk about because so many women are experiencing this symptom of low libido. Best-selling author Susan Bratton is on the show to shine some light on libido, sexual desire, and arousal. You can find all the info and links [...]

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Podcast Episode 92: 9 Simple Strategies for Healthy Beautiful Breasts

What are the factors that affect breast health? How can we keep our breasts healthy and beautiful? Find out in this episode that’s dedicated to all the women out there who are struggling with breast cancer and other breast-related diseases. You can find all the info and links about this episode at https://holisticwellness.ca/episode92. Click here [...]

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Podcast Episode 91: Coaches Chat – Morning and Nighttime Routines

Do you have a morning and nighttime routine? Coach Valerie of Holistic Wellness joins me to chat about what our morning and nighttime routines look like. Listen in and be inspired to create your own morning and nighttime rituals and have the best day ever!   You can find all the info and links about [...]

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Sneak Peak Recipe: Protein Packed Crepes (Grain-Free, Gluten-Free)

This delicious recipe is one of the 60 grain-free recipes that can be found inside my book The 30-Day Hormone Solution. You can get your copy at hormonesolutionbook.com Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal of the day. Often times I eat leftovers for breakfast. From salmon to chicken to beef, my morning meal is [...]

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Podcast Episode 90: CBD – Sourcing, Quality, Combining with Botanicals and Natural Healing

What is CBD? CBD oil is becoming incredibly popular, but what makes a good quality CBD oil? Ret Taylor, one of the co-founders of a natural remedies company called NED, shares about their line-up of full-spectrum hemp products that bring balance to the mind and body. You can find all the info and links about [...]

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