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Samantha Gladish is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach & Hormone Fixer-Upper. She is the founder of HolisticWellness.ca; a website dedicated to helping women lose weight and balance their hormones with delicious food. Samantha coaches and supports women from around the world on natural beauty care, holistic health and nutrition. Her philosophy is that through changing the way we eat, think, move and care for our bodies, we can heal ourselves and live a life of more power and possibility. Her passion for business is an extension of her work as a Health Coach. Samantha speaks internationally on all things health, wellness and entrepreneurship and in her spare time, you can find her baking up delicious health-ified treats in her kitchen.

Podcast Episode 20 – Q&A – Sleep, Cycles & Hashimotos + My Trip to Emergency & Cysts

Visit https://holisticwellness.ca/podcast for the complete show notes of every podcast episode.   Are you ready for another exciting Q&A episode? Not only am I going to answer some of your questions that I’ve pulled up from Instagram but I’m going to share a crazy story about appendicitis, ovarian cysts, digestion, and all that good stuff [...]

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Podcast Episode 19: 10 Ways to Slow Aging Naturally

Visit https://holisticwellness.ca/podcast for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. Are you worried about your wrinkles and grey hair, and feeling like you’re 10 years older than you actually are because your skin isn’t what it used to be? Then you are going to love this episode! We will dive into aging and the [...]

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Adaptogen Adrenal Fat Bombs (High Fat, Low Carb, Keto Friendly, Paleo)

Who woulda thought you could support your adrenals and eat chocolate all at the same time? Well, it's possible and these adaptogenic adrenal fat bombs are delicious and super simple to make! First off, let's go over some of the key ingredients in this recipe that make it magic (aka. adrenal supportive).  One of the [...]

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Podcast Episode 18: Q&A: Nutrition for PCOS, Morning & Nighttime Routines, Breast Cancer Prevention + Bone Broth

Visit https://holisticwellness.ca/podcast for the complete show notes of every podcast episode. I am really excited to dive into another Q&A episode today! I hope to offer up some strategies and support to help you guys move forward from whatever it is that’s concerning you with regards to your hormones and your health. Let’s dive in! [...]

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Podcast Episode 17 – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement + Boosting Hormones Naturally

Visit https://holisticwellness.ca/podcast for complete show notes of every podcast episode What is hormone replacement therapy and how can it significantly impact our quality of life? What measures can we take to promote longevity? If you’ve been thinking these questions, then this episode is perfect for you! Stephanie Gray shares her knowledge and expertise to help [...]

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Podcast Episode 14 – Your Summer Hormone Detox

Are you having hormonal issues that you’re looking to overcome? How can you start eliminating the symptoms that you’re experiencing? My Summer Hormone Detox Program may just be what you need! Find out what it’s all about and get the support that you’re looking for! Click here to Listen on iTunes or Stitcher: Be sure [...]

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Podcast Episode 13 – Pre-Conception Planning + Culinary Nutrition with Meghan Telpner

What does preconception planning look like, and when is the best time to start? Toronto-based author, speaker, nutritionist, and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition Meghan Telpner shares her own experience with preconception planning, miscarriage and pregnancy. In this episode, you'll be empowered to become your own best health expert and be inspired to [...]

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Podcast Episode 12 – How to Test for Hormonal Imbalances with Dr. Carrie Jones

Do you find yourself waking up with anxiety or being unable to sleep at night? Or do you have trouble losing weight no matter how hard you try? Dr. Carrie Jones talks about some of the problems caused by hormonal imbalances and how the DUTCH Test can help us find solutions to these issues. Hopefully, [...]

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Podcast Episode 11 – Q&A Episode: AIP Diet, Coffee Enemas, Working Out, Plus Hair Loss and Your Thyroid

I have another Q&A episode in store for you today! I love doing these episodes because I love answering your questions, so keep them coming and enjoy the podcast! Click here to Listen on iTunes or Stitcher: Stitcher – Click Here iTunes – Click Here   Topics Discussed in this Episode: What is the AIP [...]

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