About Samantha Gladish

Samantha Gladish is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach & Hormone Fixer-Upper. She is the founder of HolisticWellness.ca; a website dedicated to helping women lose weight and balance their hormones with delicious food. Samantha coaches and supports women from around the world on natural beauty care, holistic health and nutrition. Her philosophy is that through changing the way we eat, think, move and care for our bodies, we can heal ourselves and live a life of more power and possibility. Her passion for business is an extension of her work as a Health Coach. Samantha speaks internationally on all things health, wellness and entrepreneurship and in her spare time, you can find her baking up delicious health-ified treats in her kitchen.

Sneak Peak Recipe: Protein Packed Crepes (Grain-Free, Gluten-Free)

This delicious recipe is one of the 60 grain-free recipes that can be found inside my book The 30-Day Hormone Solution. You can get your copy at hormonesolutionbook.com Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal of the day. Often times I eat leftovers for breakfast. From salmon to chicken to beef, my morning meal is [...]

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Podcast Episode 90: CBD – Sourcing, Quality, Combining with Botanicals and Natural Healing

What is CBD? CBD oil is becoming incredibly popular, but what makes a good quality CBD oil? Ret Taylor, one of the co-founders of a natural remedies company called NED, shares about their line-up of full-spectrum hemp products that bring balance to the mind and body. You can find all the info and links about [...]

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Podcast Episode 89: Hormones, Diet, Detox – What Your Genes Say About You

What can a genetic test tell you about yourself? Get ready to have your mind blown as one of the smartest women that I know, Dr. Robyn Murphy, talks about genetic testing and the things that you can learn from getting a genetic test. You can find all the info and links about this episode [...]

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Podcast Episode 88: The Cosmos + Astrology & What to Know About the Energy for 2020

How can we tap into our intuition and get in the flow, and find our creative energy? Meredith Dylan Howell  shares her insights on how we can get connected to ourselves and the universe, and how we can tap into the cosmos for guidance. You can find all the info and links about this episode [...]

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Sneak Peak Recipe: The Bieler Broth — The Ultimate Soup Recipe to Detoxify Your Body and Restore Gut Health

This is one of the 60 Gluten-Free and Grain-Free recipes that can be found inside my book The 30-Day Hormone Solution. You can visit hormonesolutionbook.com to order a copy today! Having coached hundreds of women, I can confidently say that I've not had one client that didn't have an issue with their hormones or gut [...]

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Sneak Peak Recipe: Collagen Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Low Sugar)

This is one of the 60 gluten-free and grain-free recipes you can find in my book The 30 Day Hormone Solution. You can grab your copy HERE.  You know I'm all about that Tahini baby!! Tahini (ground sesame seeds made into a creamy paste) is a nutrient dense powerhouse, and can be used to replace [...]

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Podcast Episdoe 87: Q&A: Healing Post-pill Amenorrhea, Strategies for Acid Reflux & Constipation + Tips to Survive the Holidays and Feel Your Absolute Best

How you can best support yourself over the holidays? The holiday season can be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming time for a lot of people. In this Q&A episode, I share some great strategies on how you can best support yourself while dealing with the holidays.    You can find all the info and links [...]

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Sneak Peak Recipe: Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Walnuts (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, No Sugar)

This is one of the 60 gluten-free, grain-free, low sugar recipes found inside my book The 30-Day Hormone Solution. Click HERE to order your copy. Looking for a knock-your-socks-off delicious side dish? Meet my Shave Brussels Sprout side dish, featuring Bacon & Walnuts (umm, yes please!). From a health & hormone perspective, Brussels sprouts are [...]

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Podcast Episode 86: Understanding Histamine and Healing from Histamine Intolerance

What do you do when you have histamine intolerance? Board-certified doctor of natural medicine, Dr. Becky Campbell shares insights from her book The 4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan. So if you’re dealing with any histamine issues, this episode is perfect for you! You can find all the info and links about this episode at https://holisticwellness.ca/episode86 Click [...]

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Chocolate Chip Tahini Blondies (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Low Sugar)

AHHHHHmazing! That's what I've got to say about this recipe! These gluten free, grain free gems are absolutely delish, and loaded with healthy fat, protein, and fibre. I keep all my dessert recipes very low to no sugar, so if you’re looking for healthy holiday dessert recipes, you’re in the right place. You can join [...]

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