AHHH! My First Blog!

Hello fellow bloggers and Internet junkies!

It recently occured to me that I need to join the blogging world and express my true passion for live, organic, whole food (hence the URL!)I constantly talk my parents ears off, as well as my friends, about the importance of eating healthy, and so why not share my knowledge and passion with the cyberworld!? Considering I have so much to talk about, this blog will focus on anything related to health and wellness, helping you, my dear readers, to become educated and enlightened along the way! Knowledge is power, and there is no better feeling than sharing my knowledge with you and lending my advice for living a healthy, happy life; a life full of food meant to nourish the soul! If your like my friends and family, I’m sure you love to eat. Who doesn’t? Sitting around the table with your family, the smell of homecooked food warming your belly, that full bodied glass of red wine (organic of course!); we all enjoy these moments. Why not make the best of these moments and enjoy live, organic, whole food that will fill you up(not fill you out), provide abundant nutrients from mother nature herself, and give you that vibrant glow!

So here I am signing off on my first blog. I hope you look forward to learning how to live your best life by incorporating food from nature onto your plate!

Until next time, which might be shortly because I have sooo much info to share.

Health & Abundance
Samantha, RHN

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