A Few Of My Favourite Things!

I consistently have people asking me what some of my favorite books are, or favorite websites that I check out. So here is a list of my favorite things! Books, magazines, websites, all things that have provided me with some really great health info. The best part is getting to share this with all of you!


You Are What you Eat by Gillian McKeith- I’m sure some of you have heard about this crazy, high energy British gal who really knows how to put her clients in their place! Gillian McKeith is someone I really admire and she advocates eating a WHOLE FOODS DIET!! Right up my ally! Her book provides some really great information about foods to eat, foods to avoid, why foods cause disease, understanding your body, and the list goes on. (It’s also very colorful and a very easy read, which is definitely important for some people…like me!)

The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen- This book is definitely for the more adventuresome ‘chef.’ The recipes in this book are all vegan and are highly nutritious, bursting with flavor, out of your mind concoctions, that you MUST try!

The Fitness Food Cookbook- Very easy, nutritious recipes that I’m sure will please even the fussiest eater!

Clean by Alejandro Junger- Definitely one of my absolute favorite books! Dr. Junger is quite the popular man among celebrities who want to detoxify. This book really explains the functioning of the digestive and intestinal system in very simple terms! I have used his detox protocol with many of my clients and myself and trust me…if you follow his plan, you will feel great.

Glow- by Christina Pirello- I read this book years ago, and I still refer to it today. The recipes are super yummy, and each chapter explains the best protocols and methods for getting that true ‘glow.’ You won’t find overly scientific information in this book, and you’ll probably refer to it numerous times not just for health info, but as a beauty guide as well.

The Perfect Blend- The BEST smoothie and juicing book, mainly because the pictures are so great! You’ll literally will want to drink the smoothie right outta the page!


Self- I love the recipes in this monthly magazine, and they have some really great exercises that I take with me to the gym! I would also check out their website, www.self.com for great workout videos and tons of tips on health, beauty, nutrition, etc.

Life Extension- This magazine may be hard to find, as I’ve only seen it at the airport! However, I did see it hiding in the magazine section at Chapters, so keep your eyes peeled! The info you’ll find in this magazine will be a little more scientific. Lots of research, lots of new technological advances in medicine, ie. stem cell, and lots of info on anti aging.

Psychology Today- Again, the info in this mag will be more scientific based, but the articles are great! Ranging from love at first sight, to lap dancing, to winning American idol…you’ll definitely be intrigued to keep reading! Also check out their website at- www.psychologytoday.com

Vegetarian Times- If you’re looking to include more vegetarian fare into your diet and struggling to come up with some recipe ideas, then vegetarian times it is! This mag will give you lots of ideas and get you salivating after every page!


foodnetwork.com- If you don’t already watch the food network religiously like me then your missing out!! Go to this site and find any recipe from some of Canada’s top chefs!

wholeliving.com- You’ll find everything on this site from food, beauty, self help, green living info and lots more!

http://www.chopra.com/dailydevotion- Daily inspirational readings that are very uplifting and simply beautiful.

menshealth.com- Great recipes, hot guys with ripped abs, lots of fitness info, hot guys with big biceps, and well….ladies….you get the picture 😉

Hope you enjoy some of these great reads! Posted by Samantha Gladish, R.H.N, R.O.H.P

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