What I’ve Learned From Being an Entrepreneur and My Advice to Those Just Starting Out

Samantha Gladish - July 20, 2016

It’s been 2 years that I’ve been an entrepreneur and this photo signifies ALOT for me.  This was taken just over 4 years ago in NY. It was my birthday, my boyfriend Gaetan’s birthday and my girlfriend Kathy’s birthday. The four of us (Kathy’s hubby came too!) decided to take a trip to NY to celebrate and I remember having to lie to my boss about …

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Fatigued? 6 Tips to Getting Your Energy Back!

Samantha Gladish - July 19, 2016
Tired sleepy woman yawning working at office desk and holding a cup of coffee overwork and sleep deprivation concept

I absolutely love the summer months and warm weather. It’s incredibly energizing to wake up everyday to the sun shining bright.    And speaking of energy, I constantly hear from clients about their lack-of-energy and constant fatigue.    I thought it would be important to address this topic today because it seems that MANY people are really tired and dragging themselves through their day.    Is this you?   Do you …

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Gut Healing Green Smoothie

Samantha Gladish - July 15, 2016
Fresh avocado smoothie with slices on wooden background

It seems that everyone I speak to these days has something going on with their gut.    From gas, to bloating, to constipation, colitis or IBS, I think it’s safe to say that at some point in our life, we’ve all experienced some uncomfortableness with our digestive system and gut.    I know I have!   Years ago I caught a parasite on vacation and …

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Product Review: Mad Hippie Facial Oil and Serum for Glowing, Radiant Skin

Samantha Gladish - June 24, 2016

If you’ve been perusing through the natural beauty aisle in your local health store, you’ve there’s a good chance you’ve come across hundreds of creams, lotions and serums, confused at which one to try.  Me too! Trust me, I get so excited I kind of want to try them all! And I say natural beauty aisle because I do hope that you’re making the conscious …

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Raw Chocolate Coconut Brownies

Samantha Gladish - June 22, 2016

Mmm… brownies! Who doesn’t love a chocolatey brownie treat?  I’m all for a sweet treat, but as you know, I’m also pretty particular about what ingredients I use in my baked goods. In this case, un-baked goods! Yes, these brownies are raw, meaning no baking is required. This also means less mess and less cleanup up for you beauty!  I’m all about organic ingredients, low-glycemic …

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Sexy Time! DIY Lube

Samantha Gladish - June 17, 2016

So lets face it…   Shopping for lube can be well… uncomfortable. It’s just like buying condoms.    You walk into the store, stand in the aisle staring at the selection and then there is always an awkward moment at checkout.    It’s normal. We’ve all been through it at some point.    If you’re trying to be an eco-conscious lover, there are many generic drug …

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