Ginger Toasted Millet with Blackberry Chia Sauce

Samantha Gladish - August 18, 2016

Bored with breakfast? I hear ya! It’s something I commonly hear from my clients. They just don’t know what to make and blending up the same ol’ smoothie gets a little boring after a while.  Enter this delicious Ginger Toasted Millet with Blackberry Chia Sauce.  Salivating yet or what? This delicious recipe comes straight outta my Eating for Beauty Guide that you get as a …

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Got PMS? Eat THIS Chocolate Chia Pudding

Samantha Gladish - August 9, 2016
Healthy breakfast or morning snack with chia seeds chocolate pudding and blueberries. vegetarian food diet and health concept.

Have you gotten bitten by the chocolate bug?   I hear from my clients constantly about their chocolate and sugar cravings, especially around their period and trust me… I totally get it!   Hormonal changes, cramps, cravings, sore boobs, fatigue – oh what a joy it is to get your period!   Truth is, it doesn’t need to be this way and it SHOULDN’T be this way. …

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The Best Gluten Free Falafels (Baked, Not Fried!)

Samantha Gladish - August 4, 2016

You probably won’t find many bean recipes on my site.  Truth is, I actually do love to eat them, but I tend to eat more poultry, meat, fish or seafood. In fact, my quinoa black bean burger is pretty damn tasty, so that might be a yummy vegan recipe for you to check out.  Oh! and my Vegan Tempeh Chilli. Ok… that one is delish! …

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The Ultimate Soup Recipe to Detoxify Your Body and Restore Gut Health

Samantha Gladish - July 28, 2016

Having coached over hundreds of women, I have not had one client that didn’t have an issue with detoxification or gut health.  We all have issues with detoxification and gut health on some level, just some more than others.  And when it comes to detoxification, it’s not easy avoiding toxins when our environment contains hundreds and thousands of them. From makeup and body care to …

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Kombucha Infused Sangria

Samantha Gladish - July 26, 2016

It seems that summer time always brings out the “drinker” in us! I mean, patios and warm weather often times go hand in hand with a cold beer or a pitcher of sangria. Truth is, for me, not so much. I’m not a big drinker myself, either is my boyfriend. We actually cut out alcohol about 2 years ago and I felt great! When I …

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What I’ve Learned From Being an Entrepreneur and My Advice to Those Just Starting Out

Samantha Gladish - July 20, 2016

It’s been 2 years that I’ve been an entrepreneur and this photo signifies ALOT for me.  This was taken just over 4 years ago in NY. It was my birthday, my boyfriend Gaetan’s birthday and my girlfriend Kathy’s birthday. The four of us (Kathy’s hubby came too!) decided to take a trip to NY to celebrate and I remember having to lie to my boss about …

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