How to Know if You Have a Hormonal Imbalance

Samantha Gladish - August 17, 2015
Gender symbol scales equality concept with man and woman or male and female signs being balanced or weighed against each other

I often hear from women that they are struggling with hormonal imbalances.  Truth is, what does that really mean? How can we really know what’s going on with our hormones and if something is off?  Hormonal imbalances really mean different things to every woman, considering we are all so unique. Some of us may be suffering with hypothyroidism (slow thyroid function) which can contribute to …

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Chocolate Matcha PMS Amaze-Balls

Samantha Gladish - August 13, 2015

You like chocolate, right? Who doesn’t? If you’re a woman who’s suffering with PMS, then you might even like chocolate more so than the average person! Don’t worry, this is normal and common.  There’s a good chance your cravings for chocolate are indicating a few things –  1. you need some magnesium (which helps to relieve cramps, bonus!)  2. you need to balance your blood …

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This ONE Test Could Save Your Life

Samantha Gladish - August 4, 2015
Blood Sample

There is one simple test you need to ask your doctor for. It’s called CRP, otherwise known as C-reactive protein and it could literally save your life!  CRP has long been used as a marker of inflammation in the body. High CRP levels are found in practically every known inflammatory state. Even if you have no symptoms of disease, elevated CRP levels may signal an increased risk for practically …

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The Sun & Your Skin – 5 Myths You Need to Know (plus, DIY sunscreen!)

admin - July 28, 2015

Guest Post: Kathrin Brunner, For the Love of Body I am so excited to introduce you to my girlfriend and natural skin care specialist Kathrin Brunner. Not only is she one incredibly smart and talented women, but she’s also the helping hands and co-creator behind my Holistic Wellness Body Care Products. Together, Kathrin and I create all natural and toxin free beauty care that you …

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